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wood coatings & finishes

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NAA have been distributing woodcoatings since 1980. In that time NAA have built up a strong and successful catalogue of products that ensure our customers get what they need to compete in the ever changing world of wood.

In September 2014 we invested in a new colour laboratory and installed some of the sharpest colour matching machines to provide our customers with a fast and reliable service.

Today we have built up a colour bank of several thousand colour matches of leading colour designs and ranges.
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Our product range includes:

  • Clear Pre-cat basecoats
  • Clear Pre-cat lacquers
  • Pigmented Pre-cat products
  • High build Clear Acid Catalyst products
  • Compliant Acid Catalyst products
  • Pigmented Acid-Catalyst products
  • Polyurethane Clear Basecoats and Lacquers
  • Pigmented Polyurethane products
  • Waterbased clear products
  • Pigmented waterbased products
  • UV products
  • Stains
  • Thinners

Our Fastmatch Service

Did you know we can match ANY colour in any type of paint?

In our paint laboratory we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment that enables us match ANY colour.

Every colour is available in Pre-cat, Acid Cured, PU, Waterbased, Fire Retardent & UV.

Give us a call on 01-460 0064 to find out more.


The success of FCS during the past 100 years is attributable to the dedication of the staff and their ability to listen and respond to customers, developing bespoke solutions that meet and surpass the specifications and environmental requirements of such a challenging industry.

A fast moving market place requires innovative solutions, and we draw on our experience in many sectors to enable us to accept and meet these daily challenges there by keeping us at the forefront of coatings technology.

When you trust and ask FCS to supply your coating technology we take it as our responsibility to offer a total solution to your finishing requirements and believe this is a vital component of our service and one that leads to ultimate customer satisfaction.

We understand the demands of the coating industry and realise that, in today’s manufacturing environment, a partnership is the ultimate way to succeed and offer customer satisfaction.

ICA coatings

ICA SpA is an Italian company founded in Civitanova Marche (Macerata) in 1971 and specialises in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood.

Their range of products are able to meet the needs of all those operating in the woodworking sector (from interior design to carpentry, boatyards to external structures, frames and shutters to garden furniture, wooden flooring to musical instruments).

The range of ICA products also encompasses specific solutions for wooden flooring, glass and plastic.
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wood proteCtion

Rubio Monocoat Oil


Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection.

Due to its advanced molecular bonding technology, Rubio Monocoat Oil has the following qualities:
  • Durable colour and protection of the wood in one single layer
  • Economical!
  • The first and only oil in the world that doesn’t contain VOCs or water
  • Very easy to apply and maintain
  • Can be applied to all types of wood
  • A great selection of 40 standard colours to choose from



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